A Family of Funds

Our Vision

To invest in real estate debt, Single and Multi-Family rentals, and other commercial products to create a balanced and well-diversified portfolio. 

Doing what we know best best, we combine decades of real estate knowledge and expertise to make investment decisions that impact not only the present, but our future. We are removing the barriers to creating generational wealth, empowering you and your family for years to come.

Our Values

Integrity – do the right thing
Trust – earned confidence
Wisdom – seek first to understand
Communicate - openly and honestly
Strength – by being generous and compassionate
Commitment – in all things
Teamwork – together we achieve more
Win-win – or no deal

What We Invest In:


Industrial & Retail

 Industrial and retail real estate investments offer the potential for consistent rental income and capital appreciation, driven by the growing demand for warehouses and distribution centers due to the rise of e-commerce.

First Mortgages 

Investing in first mortgages offer consistent, asset-backed income. All while being low noise and relatively low risk compared to alternative investments. 

Single and Multi-Family Rentals

With single and multi-family opportunities presenting themselves in the coming years, they are proven investments for diversification and wealth accumulation. 

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Gary Keller


Gary is the founder of Keller Williams Realty, Inc. an Austin, Texas-based company that is the world’s largest franchise by agent count, has more than 1,000 offices, 180,000 associates and is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States

Brett Tanner

Co-Founder and CEO

Brett has built a real estate team of over 40 agents, ranked #9 in the country by the Wall Street Journal, and has sold over $2 billion in real estate. His initial success propelled him to create a framework that encompasses his passion for excellence and enhancing wealth building strategies within the real estate industry.

Mitch Johnson

Co-Founder and COO

Mitch guides and directs portfolio investments in our real estate and equity opportunities. He oversees investor relations, business development, and strategic growth initiatives.

Mitch Johnson


Fletcher coordinates deal diligence on past & present acquisition opportunities, bringing a diverse professional background and sometimes exhausting curiosity to the conversation.

Venture Capital & Equity Investment

Our Investments